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Kindergarten & Elementary School

he school experience at St. John Lutheran School is dedicated to providing a warm, supportive environment which emphasizes self-esteem and a solid foundation in the basic skills. The staff is committed to the development of the whole child during this formative period.


St. John School is comprised of kindergarten, first, second, third, fourth and fifth grades. The school day is filled with a curriculum which stresses active participation in all phases of a strong academic program.

The basic curriculum includes reading, mathematics, phonics, handwriting, and social studies. The reading program stresses language development and engages the students in a community of readers and writers. Phonics integrates basic word study skills with the reading program and is an essential component of the  curriculum. The math program concentrates on a mastery of basic concepts and problem solving skills through active participation. Students have science, computers, art and music on a weekly basis. Organized physical education is an important part of everyday life for the students. 

St. John Lutheran School is committed to recognizing individual potential, fostering the growth of talent and creating a life-long learner in every child.